Background – The Journey to Here and Now

It has been an extensive career to this point, full of unexpected changes and challenges. It is no time to stop now… there is too much to offer.

Since graduating from Columbus College of Art & Design in the late 70s, time has rushed by in the always changing field of graphic art communications. Over my time in the field, I’ve had to transition from the classic methods of creation (remember paste-ups?), through changes like phototypesetting all the way to doing it all digitally with computers and digital photography, paper to pixel.

I’ve also had to transition through changes in my career based around the normal ups and downs of the business world, some economical, some tragic. Fortunately every downturn had advancement around the corner as my work always helped me land on my feet to continue my career.

While attending college, free-lance design helped me afford school. After graduating, I had created enough business contacts to set up a design studio partnership with another CCAD graduate. A few years later a client asked me to join his ad agency as his artist/art director, specializing in manufacturing and electronic technical business. .

Again fortune smiled after the agency was forced to close.  My favorite client asked me to be their in-house artist/production department for their auto racing parts business and pro racing team. For me, a racing fan, this was ideal. I would be in charge of producing catalogs, advertisements and information brochures for their auto racing parts business and support their professional racing team.

The company was sold and became part of three auto-related businesses owned by another auto racer where I continued on as a one-man graphics department now controlling three auto-related web e-commerce stores and still producing printed pieces for the racing parts business. One day the owner announced he would be retiring and closing the businesses.

At my age and in this economy I find I’ll need to create my own opportunities as Jim Kasper Design. The goal now is to lend my extensive graphics experience to help small companies, start-up businesses, other artists, ad and marketing agencies, designers and organizations in a supportive role. Let me add my experience to your ideas and let’s build something creative together.


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