Experienced Service

Using my Experience to Offer Creative Support to Small Companies, Start-up Businesses, other Artists, Ad and Marketing Agencies, Designers and Organizations in a supportive role

I offer my many years of experience in the graphic arts: strong classic design, strength in technical understanding and discriminating production. It may be something as simple as proper and concise outlining paths for photographic images to providing detailed technical illustrations or building the files for a product catalog. I can design and produce a complex catalog or construct a simple animated file for a small web ad.

Having learned the traditional methods of printing, illustration and photography gives me an experience edge in fully understanding digital production. Professional experience in traditional typesetting, paste-ups for print production, illustration with traditional media, film-based photography with studio lighting, color correction of images, airbrush photo retouching all lend a thorough understanding of the most useful digital programming tools like the Adobe Creative Suites, CorelDraw and Gerber Omega sign production software.

As the world moved to digital communications to advertise, promote and sell product, I too learned to transition to give the same level of professional presentation in pixels as on printed paper. Quick and eager to learn web site coding, I have the ability to work in HTML, PHP, CSS and keeping up with the constant changes.  I have experience in eCommerce sites and databases, having operated 3 Mail Order Manager online auto parts stores and setting up a fourth using WooCommerce for WordPress.

All design work will be given to the client in the proper format to allow as wide a use of the work for the customer as possible. Much of the work is created in vector line format giving the ability for it to be used by a printer, a web developer or a sign shop. Let’s build some great designs together, let me help by lending true experience, consultant advice or pure production.

Layout, Design, Production for Print.

My deepest experience is in creating professional graphic designs and producing proper files for outputting printed flyers, catalogs, business cards, brochures, post cards, decals, technical data sheets, magazine advertisements, etc.


Even though my college degree is for Communication Arts (advertising related design) I also minored in Illustration. I specialize in the ‘nuts and bolts’ of a technical item, hardware or machines allowing me to use illustrations for creating technical specification sheets and for explaining a product or process in a catalog, flyer or brochure. I can also do general and fun illustrations of people and the like.

Logo Design

The goal has always been to create practical and functional logo designs with an emphasis on being clean, readable, long lasting and classic. A logo should be usable as a simple one color/black and white graphic and also have the ability to be embellished. Think of the type in the classic red ball Coca-Cola™ logo and the many ways it has been used, changed and yet remain the same.


I offer basic photographic services to be used as documentary, product and process instruction. Another area of photography that I excel in is Adobe Photoshop. I am adept at color correction/enhancement, retouching and precise outline path creation to drop a background of a photographic image or to isolate areas of an image for modification.

Web Design

I can create simple partial or complete web sites or assist other web designers with any portion or element of a web site. I have the ability to customize stock web sites like WordPress and tune them to get a unique look. I also created and operated 3 eCommerce sites using custom software like Mail Order Manager or simple solutions like WooCommerce added to a WordPress site.


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